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THE Booty Workout

Sculpt Booty

THE Booty workout
Sculpt and sweat it out with the perfect blend of weight lifting and bodyweight toning. Building a strong foundation is crucial in any workout routine, yoga practice, or life situation for that matter. This program is optimized to sculpt your booty and legs 360°,  find your weak spot, and train it to become strong and sculpted. Learn how to target and engage the right muscle groups to build booty and strength. The program consists of 2 gym workouts and 1 bodyweight workout. When you sign up, you will also receive a month-long workout plan, a motivational guide on food and mindset + access to our exclusive SoulWork community online.

This month-long program includes three targeted classes that focus on the source of our power and stability: butt, hamstrings, inner thigh, and quadriceps. Each 30-min class activates the entire booty to address imbalances and help you work toward a stronger, deeper foundation. You’ll leave each workout fatigued, knowing that you pushed yourself to your limits and did your work for the day.

The purpose of this program is of course to sculpt your booty, but it’s also to establish a strong foundation of mental well-being. I’ve found that you learn the most about yourself when you are pushed out of your comfort zone. The program consists of 2 workouts that can be done in any gym and 1 workout that can be done anywhere.

As you progress through this all-levels program, you will build self-love and confidence, and you'll learn to face life's obstacles with positive determination and fierce inner strength!

This is what you’ll get: 

  • SoulWork Planner to plan your 4 weeks: Training/Food/Soul
  • 1 x 5-min warm up
  • 3 x 30-min effective workouts
  • Motivating playlists
  • General SoulFood guidelines to amp up your results and energy
  • 4-week guide (workbook and videos)
  • Access to our private online SoulWork Community

If you like:

  • Short workouts that are perfect for busy schedules
  • Workouts that can be done anywhere
  • Minimal equipment: Dumbbells, barbell, mini band, and your bodyweight!

Then our Booty program is for YOU!!

Let’s dive deeper into what I’ve got planned for you during these 4 weeks:


Each week you’ll do 3 workouts: 2 sessions in the gym and 1 bodyweight session.

  • Workout 1
  • Workout 2
  • Workout 3

Each workout consists of 6 dynamic exercises that specifically target 360° of your booty. All in 30 mins! Each of the three classes can be easily integrated with your other wellness routines.

Monday: Workout 1

Tuesday: Movement of your choice

Wednesday: Workout 2

Thursday: Movement of your choice

Friday: Workout 3

Saturday: Movement of your choice

Sunday: Rest day


It is not about restricting food, it’s about ensuring your body is fuelled throughout the day so you feel energized, healthy, and get closer to your goals. You will receive the General SoulFood Guidelines where you’ll find a sample weekly meal plan, how to clean up your daily meals instead of doing a detox or going on a diet, snack recipes, and tips for maximizing your results. This guide is suitable for all diets.

Food is fuel and fun!

I know from experience that food can be complicated. That food can be an easy short-term comfort and long-term stress. I believe and know that a healthy and fun relationship to food is possible and hope that you will be inspired to investigate your own relationship to food, perhaps challenge it, change it and create a new relationship based on a solid foundation of feeling secure, loved and enough. Then food becomes fun and a friend in getting you the results you want! 


This element is where SoulWork was born. So many people kept asking:

What’s the quickest way to lose weight? What’s the key to success? How do I get a body like yours? What’s the best way to find my passion?

Well… I don’t know. And neither does anyone else. Except for…YOU, you know! Nobody else knows the answers for you because they don’t know your calling, your family, your story, your deepest delight, your greatest pain, or your longest held desire.

Starting each new week we’ll take a few minutes to set the intention so that you are really clear on what your vision is and plan your workouts, making sure nothing can make you cancel this important meeting with yourself. When you have this vision in your soul, it will inspire you and inspiration is irreversible!

In addition to the workouts and introduction videos, you’ll also find writing and meditation exercises in the workbook. This part of the journey is really juicy and nourishing. It will make your core glow from the inside out!

Thank you for being here - Looking forward to seeing you on the inside and start working out together!

Sign up for our Booty program, you won’t regret it!

With Love,

Johanna & Paulina

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