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SoulWork Club is an online club open 24/7 worldwide with tools designed to give you more life, more energy, more juice. More You! We’ve all heard that the body/mind is connected and of course the soul is to. We believe that mastery of one of these three unlocks the others potential. And we love working through the body cause so many of us spend so much time stuck in our heads or looking at a screen… The possibilities are endless, and our programs goes as deep as you’re willing to take them.

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Choose your program and sign up. You now have 24 months to complete it. You can start whenever you want and repeat it as many times as you like within the 24 months. 

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Soul Work Club offers several different programs for you to choose from. They all offer tools and practices for radiant health, flourishing physique, and unlimited freedom. 

Together, we will reinvent how you relate to your own body, mind and desire. We will transform your relationship to your inner judge, and create connection to your soul.
- (that’s where the unlimited freedom and juice is!)



Hi gorgeous! I’m all about working/training smarter instead of harder. I love results and my vision is a relaxed mind, passionate soul and feisty free body! I’m here to help you be the best turned on version of YOU so that we can connect and have fun together. Cause I believe in living a turned on, juicy life!


I train 40 individual clients every week and everyone has a different goal, different body type and different lifestyle. There is not just one way for all of us, but there is a way for YOU. My goal is to help you find your way and to give you the tools to transform your physical body. So you can feel amazing, smashing and strong - simply your BEST!


SoulWork is an investment, there is no doubt about it. Should you choose to invest your time, money, and energy into one of our programs, you have our strong commitment in ensuring an incredible value. We know our program creates results. We know it’s an investment that pays itself back many times over. 

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