Restore &


Restore &

För trött för att träna men i behov av kraft & läkning 

  • Restore and rejuvenate är ett kraftfullt program som med bara några enkla förändringar skapar stora skiften i din grundläggande hälsa. Genom att göra små, dedikerade förändringar kan du göra stora skriften i ditt liv. Ge dig själv det liv du förtjänar. Från trött till glasklar!

  • Coach: Johanna Hector Language: English Time: Six to twelve weeks Tools: None.

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    6 månader Investering: 998 kr 
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Programmet innehåller:

Movement is life! 
The WorkOuts in this program fits all schedules and bodies. Whether you're recovering from physical or mental illness or you're in the midst of training for Ironman, everybody needs these practices in their own way. With just a little bit of knowledge, movement can heal!

Fill your own cup!

The WorkIns are guided meditations, slow movement practices that focuses on releasing stress and practicing letting go. Letting go is not the same as giving up, letting go is an active practice that requires courage and is deeply satisfying. Come and surrender for a while.

Food Recipes and tips for rebooting your system

Many people lack energy or suffer from depression in today's society. But not that many know that the path to wellness and vitality is through food. Food is information. With every bite we take, we are programming our bodies for tomorrow. What signals is your food sending? This is why nutrition (SoulFood) is such an important part of this program. You’ll get tools on how to eat for smart and long lasting energy, a sample weekly meal plan, how to clean up your diet, Brain Food Recipes and tips for rebooting your system. This guide is suitable for all diets.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself!

Often, investing in ourselves, even in small acts of self-care, can feel impossible, indulgent, or downright selfish. We have been taught to shut down our feelings and instincts and to push through. This is where SoulSurfing comes in. Together we’ll explore different kinds of meditations to see what fits you. I’ll guide you through a soothing and rejuvenating Yoga Nidra (it’s one of my favorite practices, it’s the most luxurious thing!). And I’ll walk you through some of the greatest life hack exercises that I have ever encountered, including setting smart goals, cycles and creating a daily gratitude practice. 

SoulWork Club

“This is a program far beyond just training and eating healthy. This is something that nourish my soul and heart. I does not take time from my daily life, It gives me access to my super powers!”


SoulWork Club

“I’ve always pushed my self to hard. The practices in this program has been a game changer! Relaxing has never felt so good! Thank you.”


SoulWork Club

“Wow, yinyoga is my new thing! In the beginning I was so stiff and now four weeks in, I feel like a completely different person. Both on the inside and outside!”



Fall in love with taking care of yourself 

This program is a reclamation of what has always been your birthright: your radiance, your life force, and the part of you that is not—and has never been—broken. Through the practices in this program, many of our members experienced deep healing and a new level of freedom for themselves. Wellness isn’t just about how you look on the outside, it’s about valuing who you are on the inside, working to be your best, and appreciating your body for where it is and what it can do, at all stages of your journey, neglecting neither the body nor the soul.

Whether the alarm is sudden and undeniable, or slow to awaken us, the point is that we wake up, and become fully conscious of how we’re living this one and precious life! And then decide to consciously make a change! This is the place to start. Bloom where you are planted!

If you like:

  • Workouts that can be done anywhere
  • No equipment needed
  • Learning how to set Smart Goals
  • Getting quality sleep

Then Restore & Rejuvenate is for YOU!