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Transformation är ett tolv veckor långt program som ger dig verktyg att gör en total transformation i både kroppen och själen. 

Coach: Johanna Hector and Paulina Friberg Language: English Length: Twelve weeks Tools: Flexband, Bootyband, Yoga mat, Jumping rope (optional)

Tillgång 6 månader Investering: 1498 kr 

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Programmet innehåller:

Fun, challenging and rewarding!

Train smarter, not harder with our rewarding WorkOuts! We’ll guide you through workouts that are soul-based in the sense that we focus on the feeling and the sensations rather than just pushing through!


The body is a great way to connect to your soul! To feel for the places where you are stuck, tired or overwhelmed. By improving your mobility and body awareness you’ll be able to transform what no longer serves you and turn it into pure energy!

Food for mind, body and Soul!

Progress is 80% what you eat and 20% enhanced by your training routine. We know from experience that food can be complicated, it's often a short-term comfort and long-term stress. We believe and know that a healthy and fun relationship to food is possible. You get a SoulFood video and the SoulFood Personal Plan where you’ll get personalized meal plans depending on your goals, our favorite snacks, and drinks + tips for healthy eating.

SoulSurfing to cultivate courage and curiosity!

Finding the answer to what makes you come alive, what motivates and inspire you are crucial to your transformation. It requires both courage and curiosity! Every month we dive deeper into a new area of your personal transformation. You’ll get a video and questions in the Transformation Workbook to explore with throughout the month.

SoulWork Club

“Jag är nu inne på mina andra månad med er och jag älskar det. Jag har tränat för er båda innan så jag visste att detta skulle bli succé. Med en liten 13 månaders hemma och flytt från stan så passar det här uppläget perfekt för mig just nu.”


SoulWork Club

“Before starting the program I couldn’t do a proper push up on my toes. And yesterday I did 10 in a row!!! I’m so thankful for my new relationship to my body!”


SoulWork Club

“Snacka om transformation! Jag har aldrig känt mig så pigg och stark som nu! Kommer def återvända till detta program igen. Känner att det finns ännu mer att mjölka ur det med alla lager, både WorkIn, WorkOut för att inte tala om SoulSurfingen!”


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Redy for a transformation?

Welcome to Your Transformation! In the SoulWork Club, we believe that happiness, power, and grace is an inside job. That’s why we choose to work with the three elements of training, food, and soul. For some, training comes easy whilst the food part gets left unnoticed. Some might eat nourishing food but still lack the energy and power due to incorrect or non-existing training. Last but not least, many of us aren’t used to talking to our soul, checking in and feeling for what we really desire in life, what we yearn for. And this is really the key to long-term success. Connecting to your precious, most beautiful soul and being connected whether you’re training, eating, working or meditating. In Transformation we use all three elements to bring out the most radiant, sharp, strong and empowered YOU!

We are so happy to have you here and can’t wait to get started!

If you like:

  • Workouts that can be done anywhere - Perfect for busy schedules!
  • Minimal equipment required: yoga mat, booty band, and flex band
  • Learn how to measure your transformation

Then Trasformation is for YOU!