The best you

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The best you är vårt bästsäljande program, skapat utifrån år av erfarenheter. Lär dig träna smartare istället för hårdare och skörda de kraftfulla resultaten som kommer från denna typ av rörelse. Likt en ängel som finns inne i ett stenblock, karvar du i detta program ut den bästa versionen av DIG. Det handlar inte om att bli eller efterlikna någon annan, det handlar om att bli mera du!

Coach: Johanna Hector Language: English Length: Magical 21 days Tools: Bodyweight only

Tillgång 6 månader Investering: 998 kr 

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Programmet innehåller:

Fun and focused workouts!

Three power workouts, one for each phase of the journey! If you want to add some extra cardio you can do that in the form that suits you best. You’ll get my cardio workouts in the workbook. 

If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit!

Three powerful recovery sessions to speed up recovery and results! 
Poor fuel in poor energy out - Good fuel in good energy out!

It is not about restricting food, it’s about ensuring your body is fueled throughout the day so you feel energized, healthy, and get closer to your goals. Learn how to clean up your eating instead of going ON a diet, snack recipes, and tips for maximizing your results. This guide is suitable for all diets.

Inspiration is irreversible!

Starting each new week we’ll take a few minutes to set the intention so that you are really clear on what the best version of you feels, looks, and even tastes like. Because when you have this image in your soul, it will inspire you and inspiration is irreversible! 

SoulWork Club

“Jag har med hjälp av dessa tre veckor skapat mig en ljuvlig morgonrutin med rörelse och SoulSurfing. Dessa veckor gör att jag med stor nyfikenhet och glädje nu kommer fortsätta träna både WorkOut och WorkIn för att möta mig själv och utvecklas vidare med hjälp av de verktyg jag fått.”


SoulWork Club

“Älskar detta effektiva program som är enkelt att följa. Är inne på min tredje runda nu och vågar mig på de tuffare alternativen i passen, så kul!”


SoulWork Club

“Wow, what a transformation in just three weeks!!! I’m def feeling like the best version of ME :) ”


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Want to feel strong, confident & more YOU?

This program is a real BOOST! A 21-day body/mind master plan to carve out the best version of you! This program is great for all fitness levels! You can do it anywhere, anytime and choose options that suit your level of fitness. Progress is 80% what you eat and 20% enhanced by your training routine. That's why I prepared for you my top tips for SoulFood that'll give you the results and energy you are looking for. You probably also know that it’s not enough to KNOW what to eat and how to train (I mean, there’s plenty of free information out there accessible 24/7). It’s about implementing and actually doing it! And that’s where the Soul part comes into the equation and makes this program unique. We’ll carve out the best you from within, from a place of inspiration and joy! Are you ready? Let’s go!

If you like:

  • Workouts that can be done anywhere - Perfect for busy schedules!
  • No equipment required
  • Learning how to measure your progress

Then The Best You is definitely for YOU!