Why Goal setting doesn’t work


Perhaps you’re setting goals for 2019? 

90% of us fall short of our goals, why is that? Should we simply just stop having goals? Is that the solution?

Goals can be fun and definitely achievable, but not as long as we work with them in the traditional sense. If it did, everyone who set goals would've achieved them! Real goal setting first starts with your brain and your unconscious mind and if you don’t start there, you’ll fail. 

In SoulWork Club we give you the tools to align yourself from the inside out. 

With SoulSurfing you learn how to:

  • Avoid self-sabotage (Why your brain actually sabotages your biggest goals).
  • Why every goal will fail unless your soul is aligned with it.
  • How to perfectly align your soul with what you want to create in 2019.
  • Why what you think you want (conscious) is almost never what you really want (subconscious/soul).

Looking forward to diving deep together inside the club in 2019!

Choose your program and join us now!

With Love,

Johanna & The Team

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