Who are you? The Body, Mind or Soul?


You have a mind that is interpreting this experience. Look at your hand. There is a fundamental experience going on right now as you are observing your hand. And what is that experience? Where is that experience happening? For lack of a better word, it's happening in you. If you weren't having the experience of having a body, you wouldn't know you had a body. 

Because you are not your body.
And if you think you are, tell me which body are you?
Baby, child, adult, etc? The reality is that you are a formless being, having an experience of form and phenomena. 

We are all here having an experience, often labeling it good or bad, but we are not the experience, we are the ones labeling it, the witnesses. And we experience through our human biology!

So let's take care of this human body - let's play with it, let's care for it, but then also remember to sit back and witness.


With Love,


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