Are you hiding by playing small?


Is it possible to confuse the concept of “No” until it’s a “Hell yes” with staying small and avoiding situations of growth?

Yes, it is!

Many of us find every excuse in the world to say “No” when really, we’re actually just afraid of being seen. Like totally fully SEEN, nowhere to hide, no excuses.

When this is the case I urge you to say ”Yes” to everything that scares you. That’s going to rock your world and charge your batteries!

This time is a beautiful time energetically to track where we may be holding ourselves back from reaping what we have the potential to sow. Starting to uncover where fear may be holding us back is a daily ritual.

It’s time for you to sit down in meditation and really get down to why you’re saying “No”. Do not hide behind “No.” Your real medicine is actually going out of your comfort zone.

What cliff is it time to jump off of? Negative thoughts won’t hold you back for good… but fear will. Instead of letting the fear keep you small, lean in, cuddle with it and take the leap! The MAGNIFICENT STUFF that follows will be so worth it.


Love - The SoulTeam

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