The hidden power of Relaxation


It is valuable to simply honor our own physicality. So much of the time, as we work on our everyday activities and meet our daily responsibilities, we take no notice of our physical body. Many of the serious ailments and challenges that eventually manifest as major health issues can begin as minor discomforts which we have been taught to ignore, as we "get on with life". Often, ignoring these small messages that the physical body sends us seems necessary in the interests of meeting deadlines or completing projects. But in the end, if we pay no attention to these small signs, then the body has to send louder and louder messages of discomfort, which end up manifesting as disease and injury. The cumulative effect of not paying attention to the physical body is an illness that is far more serious than the signals that marked the first sense of the body's discomfort. So when we lie quietly and relax or meditate and pay proper attention to how the physical body is feeling, we are doing something radically different from usual which gives us the opportunity to check in with how we are physically, to take the rest that is being called for and to avoid future suffering. The body is glad to have its cries for attention heard, and to take the chance to repair and restore.

With Love,