Strong abs are good for the soul

You might not have heard this be(core)...
but strong abs are good for the soul.
The Sculpt 15min core-strengthening workouts follows me wherever we go and whatever I’m focusing on in my training. It’s one of those programs that I use when time is very much *not* of the essence ;)
But, why is squeezing in ab work so important you might ask? Even when you’re busy? Forget the reasons beauty mags & red carpet roundups conditioned you to want a "six-pack" and let this sink in:
Having a strong core helps you feel grounded, enables effortless movement through life (especially when it gets tricky) and helps you connect with your center - the true you.
Did you hear that in the back? Whether it's mental, physical, or spiritual strength you're seeking - this program is here to pull back the curtain. So, will you join us in the sunlight?

Xo Jo

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