What is SoulSurfing?


We believe that we are holistic beings and that the body, mind, and soul work together in simple yet advanced ways. So how do we access our intricate nature to uncover patterns, beliefs, and manifestations that might not serve us and instead create conscious ones that do?

It has long been known that journaling is a potent practice. The benefits of journaling are seemingly innumerable. Journaling helps you get clear with your thinking, writing out your thoughts, feelings, and emotions on paper can have a tangible positive effect on your overall state of well-being. The clarity and emotional release that journaling provides can help lower anxiety, stress, and even help you sleep better.

Not only can journaling be therapeutic and assist you in overcoming problems, but it can also help improve your memory, evoke mindfulness, combat signs of depression, and even help those with a history of trauma. It can also simply put, “make you happier!” Basically, journaling is a great tool when it comes to healing and caring for yourself from the inside out.

If you’re feeling inspired to start, you’re probably wondering how to or what kind of journaling you should be doing. The good news is, there isn’t just one way to go about journaling, the ways in which you can journal are almost as endless as its benefits. In SoulWork Club you get your own personal journal and we guide you through questions and give you simple tools to navigate your journaling.


If you want to START NOW:


  1. Write down three things that you’re grateful for each night before bed or right after you wake up. This can dramatically change your mood. Gratitude journaling puts you in remembrance of all the good in your life, instead of only focusing on what you don’t have. This type of journaling really helps you slow down and keeps life in perspective, and it’s scientifically proven to lower your stress levels and give you a “greater sense of calm” at night. It doesn’t have to be as deep as you might think, either. Even just writing down something as seemingly trivial as “I caught the bus right as it was coming into the station” is a perfect entry! A simple notebook can be the perfect blank canvas for your appreciation. Keeping it on your nightstand is a great way to make sure you actually write in it so you can ensure you reach maximum chill before you sleep.


Lots of Love and Wellness,


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