Unlock your Power - it’s not what you think ;)


We’ve been taught that being smart and critical thinking are extremely important skills to our success, right? These skills can be vital in the right context, but more often than not we get trapped and lost in analytical thinking. Look at your own life and the places you are stuck….has your thinking always gotten you out of it? Nope, I bet that many times your thinking has made it harder!

Truth be told, no one ever gets stuck, it’s their thinking that is "stuck."

Einstein said, "A problem can never be solved at the level it was created."

Meaning - if you used your current level of thinking to create a problem how do you expect to use that same level of thinking to resolve the problem? This is exactly why many of us stay stuck in our heads for years or a lifetime.

So what level of thinking moves you to higher places in life?

Ironically, it’s not thinking that gives you all the answers you need in life, it’s working from your senses, evolving your body, slowing down the brain waves, becoming aware.

When we learn to slow our minds down and silence our analytical thinking, we start working from our soul, which is not thinking and the answers start coming. Some call it "6th sense," we call it Soul.

An easy way to do this?

When you have something that needs to be solved, stop trying to think your way out of it and move, slowly or fast, to music, in nature, in silence, use your senses and see what comes up, allow it to surface. Then sit quietly and explore that fresh, clean space.

Ask yourself: What "feels right?" and work from that place.

With Love,


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Sophie cronberg

Får jag dela detta? Det mest sanna jag läst på länge! Tusen tack för grym klass  i lördags 💫

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Johanna Hector

Hej och tack för din härliga kommentar :) Självklart - vi blir så glada m du delar så fler får ta del av det! Hoppas vi ses snart igen!

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