Sculpt You!

Booty 1500
Take your wellness to the next level with SoulWork Sculpt! Our month long targeted programs will sculpt your mind and body with a brand new set of workouts designed to get you more toned and energized! You'll build strength in mind and body with movements that sculpt your chosen body part (upper body, core or booty) and intention setting to get you mentally on point. Together we’ll tackle each workout with determination and inner fire! These workouts are short and smart so you can go all in and give 100% each and every time!

In 28 days, you will:

  • Achieve fast results through intelligent workouts
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Define and tone the target area
  • Sculpt a strong, healthy, balanced body
  • Deepen your overall wellbeing

This series will complement and elevate your current workout routine. They are complete in themselves so if 3 short sessions is all you have time for right now THIS IS IT! Choose your area and get going. You get 3 short workouts and workout schedule, all you need to do is press play!

You can easily combine the workouts with your current routines or get the entire Sculpt Series (all 3 areas gives you a total of 9 workouts to combine).

We know you have what it takes – let's do this!


Releases January 10th 2019


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