What caused you to miss your 2018 goals?


What caused you to miss your 2018 goals will do the same to your 2019 goals unless…

If you didn’t hit your 2018 goals, and 92% of you reading this didn’t, how do you then expect to hit your 2019 goals? What sabotaged you in 2018 will do the same in 2019 unless you first make some changes… to YOU! 

The reason you didn’t hit your 2018 goals or perhaps prior goals is because your reptilian brain creates and maintains your habits, hence your choices and your life.

The same applies to your goals, you can only do "what" you are and if you’re not getting what you want it’s because what you’re aspiring for doesn’t match your internal identity.

To transform your life, it starts on the inside - not the outside ;)

And how do we do that?

Simple - We SoulSurf daily! There are dozens of meditative techniques and positive psychology practices to connect with your inner self and bring REAL change to yourself and your life. If you're curious, we simply recommend giving it a try, it is part of all our programs!


Johanna & The SoulTeam



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