What does healing mean to you?

One juicy way is a slow yoga practice and then settling down, lighting a candle and letting your hand run free across a page in writing. Sipping on some herbal tea and wearing your comfiest clothes would be a great addition - but really, you can do this wherever you are. In the notes section of your phone on the train, in your head as you drive to work, out loud with your partner after the kids have *finally* gone to bed - this is YOUR experience.

The beauty of SoulWork and everything that comes with it, is that each element is designed to compliment your life - no matter what stage or space you're in. But however you choose to answer this question, I encourage you to commit to sitting with this question for at least a few minutes and letting it sink in, first. This will make it easier to tune into that inner frequency, known for playing all of the answers inside. 

I'd love to hear what each and every one of you has to say about healing. Leave a comment on this post, or shoot us a message on social. I can't wait to read about so many different - yet equally beautiful - perspectives. 

Love Jo

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