Silence gives answers - Rumi  


 We go through life looking for answers when in fact, the answers we seek are inside us all along. Every answer you seek in life has already been answered and it’s just waiting for you to hear. 

I’ve been taught, "The masters teach in the silence" and to know what I want to know I have to listen in the silence, which in Zen is - the music is made in the space between the notes. 

Our brains are like car radios, they will "play" whatever station we tune to. 

Everyone runs around looking for answers and 99% of people are looking for analytical answers outside of themselves. Most people listen to their mental chatter for answers and mental chatter is nothing more than stories about personal past history. 

Quite your mind, be right here right now, and listen for the answers from the silence - that is your best form of self-guidance.

My fav power tools for this is movement followed by yoga nidra or stepping out in nature, a cold swim or some deep breaths in the forrest.

Make sure you have access to the tools that work for you, cause most of the time we’ll just find excuses and carry on listening to the monkeys of the mind instead of our soul wisdom

Love Jo

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