Numbing or playing dead: The conscious and unconscious ways we avoid dealing with our feelings, fears and uncomfortable situations.Wherever we are numbing, chances are we need unblocking. These places can be used as a map to see what blocks need to be addressed. 

Numbing can come in all different forms, anything from alcohol to shopping, sex, carbs, sugar and Netflix, to name a few. When in balance, these things can all be healthy pleasures in life, but if they are used in excess, they can turn into ways to "check out," or cope with sadness, anxiety, anger, resentment, procrastination...all feelings that are asking to be unblocked.

This month, let’s face these feelings head on together. It's time to throw out old numbing habits so we can live more present and authentic lives! I’ll share steps and exercises to release feelings and unleash your energy on our IG and in our members community this month! See you there :)


/ Love Jo