Numbing Awareness a 2 week program!


Week 1: Part 1:

Journaling is a great way to become aware and conscious of ways we numb ourselves. These coming 10 days I invite you to journal out the ways that you reached for a numbing agent when you were tired, triggered, anxious or stressed. Write down the feeling you wanted to numb and your agent of choice (food, scrolling through social media, shopping etc).


Week 2: Part 2:

Now that you are aware of what you use to numb and why, let’s integrate some shadow around it! Gently bring to mind the awareness of what you use to numb, why, and judgments about yourself and others that surround the numbing. Once you have this energy surfaced, take yourself through a moving meditation. Use music or a timer, do int indoors our out in nature and let the energy move through your body for 3-6 minutes. Be free and let anything come up. Allow yourself to have an experience around letting go

Feel for any connections between how you numb, the feelings you’ve been avoiding or projections in your life.

Share your journey with us in the comments below, the FB page or IG #soulworkclub


Together we create a free well of wellness!


Love Johanna

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