Move and get Moved with us through our new MEMBERSHIP!

With Membership you can work out anywhere, anytime and achieve the juicy results you want with our fun and fulfilling 15-30min guided workouts and audio files (Both in English and in Swedish).

Work out on your own schedule with unlimited access to video guided workouts, yoga, cardio, strength training, sculpting and so much more.


Ready? Two simple ways to join - Monthly or Annually

With Membership you get access to:
Juicy workouts, soulful meditations and relaxations for every fitness level
Train anywhere, anytime

Support from your coaches

Connect  & share with sisters in the SoulWork community

If you fall in love with a workout you can easily purchase that entire program and get the full plan including: workbook, guided soulsurfing, soulfood and the exclusive videos of that program.


We are a holistic wellness community for women! Boost your metabolism, tone your gorgeous muscles, reach fulfilling goals, and see amazing results inside out while having a blast working out with the best coaches!

With Love - The Soul Team

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