The #1 Healing Tool (Hint, you already got it!)

Often, we know what we “should” do, but we just don’t do it. What’s up with that?
We run negative mental scripts and we are so used to them we barely even notice them telling us things like...
“I’ve tried to change before and failed, so why bother?”
“I want to change, but I’m too busy — I’ll do it later as soon as I ____”
“I’m not strong enough” or “I deserve to feel bad” or “This is just the way I am.”
Well it’s all about MINDSET! And that is something that we work with in all of our SoulWork programs, we call it SoulSurfing, taking time to sit with your thoughts, asking the right questions to propel you forward and shift your thinking about what’s possible for you, and how powerful you believe you are in your own healing.
Do you believe that: 
- The human body is a machine that breaks down sometimes?
- We require a force outside of ourselves to fix us?
- Illness is often the result of bad luck?
- Pharmaceuticals and chemical interventions are the only real solution? 
What if I told you that:
- Our bodies are designed for wellness and vitality.
- Self-healing is possible through basic lifestyle interventions.
- Each of us has an Inner Healer.
So you could simply start to meditate, breathe and shift your mindset right now. It’s no secret how to do it. The information and research are out there and available. But often we resist change due to:

- Feelings of being overwhelmed (“I’m already doing too much”)
- A sense that there isn’t enough time or energy to take on another responsibility. 
- A belief that you can’t afford it.
- Fear of change, even if that change feels desirable. 

I know it, I have been there and even to this day I sometimes find myself making excuses and resisting a change that I actually want to make. That is where the power of community and daily support kicks in. SoulWork Club was born from this desire to connect, to have daily support in a chaotic world that tends to pull us away from our self and our clear vision. See yourself stepping through the door to a brighter, more vital future. Time to get back to yourself! 
With Love,

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