To Be More You - and live your destiny!


Whatever you hold as your identity at the unconscious level is exactly what's going to happen in your life no matter if you think you want that or not. We are art.

You have an identity because you've learned that. As a small kid you have an experience, you create a story about it, and you just tell the story over and over and over and that becomes your identity.


One of the most effective ways to change your identity is through seeing the world and seeing ourselves as we want to be not as we are.

YogaNidra (deep sleep) is an ancient practice that is widely accredited as a way of effecting the body or a way for effecting mental change.

Reprogramming the subconscious mind is one of the easiest ways to create change in your life because your subconscious mind is where your identity is and the easiest way to do that is to learn to go inside.

 Your identity is your destiny!


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Love - The SoulTeam




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