Train Smarter, Not Harder part 1

Juni 2018
We believe that happiness, power, and grace are an inside job. That’s why we choose to work with the three elements of training, food, and soul. To create a lasting transformation we use all three elements to bring out the most radiant, sharp, strong and empowered YOU! 
Let’s have a look a closer look at the training part, and what we really mean when we say ”Train Smarter, Not Harder”.
First, we have to unlearn what we’ve been taught. Unlearn some of the damaging messages we got about our bodies, the shame around what it looks like, what it can or cannot do, unlearn the patterns of training/moving from a place of push/punishment. Then we’ll begin to move from a place of desire, curiosity, and joy. This is where you’ll learn to access your innate power, your authentic strength, and the sensual brilliance which is your birthright.
When doing soul work many of us dismiss the body as less important and just work on the mind and the spirit, and so we neglect the body, often ending up a head case…
We obsess over the body, making it the final destination for happiness and since we often set unattainable goals (it can be part of it but never without the soul dancing in it), we often end up working hard, like really hard.
All our programs start by paying attention to moving the body from a place of connection. Start to call in more pleasure and joy in your movement, get curious and develop a feel for what your body to wants and doesn’t want (this changes daily). This creates a big shift, and instead of pushing through the training wanting it to be over, you start to look forward to it, enjoy it and have fun with it. 
We know that life is busy and you have hundreds of choices to make every day. That’s why we give you a weekly schedule, a workbook that is easy to follow and full-length video workouts so that just have to press play and we’ll do the effective workout together as a team! We love to see progress and feel the results and that is why we created many fun and challenging workouts and work-ins. They suit all fitness levels as we always offer different levels and options, and can be done anywhere. We believe that physical training exercises can be the gateway to a soulful and connected life! Don’t overthink it, take a deep breath and MOVE with us! 
So less stress, less guilt, and more joy, power, and juice - that’s what you get in SoulWork Club!
What is your favorite physical memory? We'd LOVE to hear from you!

With Love,

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